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1ACE: Another Chance Education

1ACE is an education provider in the community; a school without walls. It offers an education that challenges children to learn in all directions and supports them every step of the way. 1ACE works with children and young people who have had limited success in formal education settings, or who have struggled in specialised settings; 1ACE is a proven alternative and serves as a second chance.


Placements with 1ACE can be on an Outreach basis where the young person remains on their current school roll. Alternatively a ‘School Without Walls‘ placement can be provided where the young person is placed on the role of one of our Ofsted Registered Special Schools, but education is delivered in their community.

1ACE is a service that is offered through each of our registered schools: Park House, Spires, Clannad, and Fountain House. Policies are available on the relevant school web page.

Another strand of our alternative education provision is our cookery school that teaches local disadvantaged children and children in care, an important life skill. Flavours School of Cookery, based in Bournemouth, teaches children and young people how to cook, meal plan and shop for healthy meals.

In addition, we are also able to provide 1ACE Outreach services through 1ACE North.

1ACE offers:

  • A trauma-informed curriculum for children and young people presenting with highly complex needs.
  • A research-informed approach that is firmly rooted in evidence.
  • A therapeutic educational framework that provides emotional growth, academic success and holistic child development.
  • A completely bespoke education. The offer is created around the child. The service is what the child or young person needs it to be, inclusive and community-focused.
  • A truly local offer with a national presence.

A flexible and responsive approach

The strength of our service lies in its flexibility and responsiveness. We take referrals for Placements and Alternative Provision from Local Authorities and referrals for Alternative Provision from Schools.

We recognise the balance between creating safety and security whilst avoiding over dependency. Our staff are skilled in therapeutically managing relationships so that the young person can follow the appropriate pathway towards their independence. We liaise closely with Local Authorities and Partner schools to ensure that staffing levels reflect this.

The 1ACE Structure 


The 1ACE Difference


Many of our youngsters have had turbulent life experiences thus far, both at home and in education. We understand that when the relationship environment becomes predictable it calms and supports children and young people.

Achieving self-esteem is the first step towards making progress in learning.

Our therapeutic approach is based on building trust and relationships – the vital foundations for learning. Our teams provide warm and consistent environments where pupils develop positive behaviour, using effective techniques supported by our clinical team.

Our most valuable resource is our people

Each child or young person has a team of highly-trained and skilled professionals,  who are therapeutically informed and work alongside the accredited ATIC model, which creates a secure and supportive network around the child.

The young people work in community settings with two or more staff (depending on the identified needs). Their educational programme varies according to the aims of the work discussed with the commissioning caseworker. We create bespoke programmes, using the skills of both Five Rivers’ trained staff and approved specialist partner providers.

A truly local offer, with a national presence
Education is delivered in the young person’s locality, supporting the child by:

  • Reducing the need to travel long distances;
  • Enabling the child to maintain and develop family links and existing social links in their community;
  • Supporting placement stability for Looked After Children;
  • Reducing out of county placements.

Our Offer…

…Allows for successful futures

Working with children and young people aged 8-18, our experienced, specialist teachers and support workers develop the whole child. Our holistic approach boosts confidence, self-esteem and helps young people to develop the skills to be successful learner. Academic testing helps us target work that fills in the gaps so that young people can make successful transitions back to school or on to college placements or apprenticeships.

…Implements flexibility

Our trauma-informed curriculum is deployed to create a bespoke programme designed to fit the young person; the programme is flexible and responsive so that it can change and grow as the young person changes and develops. Each child can access both academic subjects (English, Maths, Science, ICT, Humanities, PSHE, PE, Relationship Education) and kinaesthetic learning and practical activities such as horticulture, photography, trampolining and gymnastics, media, music skills, mechanics, art, carpentry, welding, as well as therapeutic input such as equine therapy and forest skills.

…Provides qualifications

Young people are able to accredit their achievements through AQA Unit Awards, ASDAN Awards, Entry Level Examinations and other qualifications including BTEC and GCSE. A system of Virtual Learning is in place and can be accessed independently or with staff.

To discuss how Five Rivers 1ACE can help you or to make a referral please contact: [email protected]

Read more in our brochure here.

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Making a referral

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If you would like to find out more or discuss any aspect of our service for a child or young person, please contact James Hall at: [email protected] / 07935 066 031
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