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Benny’s Five New Year’s Resolutions


Benny at Five Rivers

Hi guys, it’s Benny here for the first time this year! As the new year has just begun, I will be sharing my new year’s resolutions with you. Some of the young people from Five Rivers have shared theirs with me and they were so important I decided to take some on board myself.
Here are my five new year’s resolutions:

1. Eat more healthily. Some of the children from Avon house and the Spires School came up with this very important one. It’s time to cut back on the Jaffa Cakes (only a little bit).

2. Work on positive behaviour. I am always working on my behaviour and one of the young people from Avon House told me that they were trying to achieve a positive behaviour award of getting a pet rabbit.

3. Learn to write better. I love writing blogs but there is always room for improvement! Let me know if you have any tips.

4. Exercise more. As a bear, I am always feeling stuffed but in 2020 I want to look after my body!

5. Pay more attention in lessons. This one came from a student at the Spires school and I want to share this one with you as it’s so important.

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