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Benny’s November Update

Hello guys, Benny here!

It is that time again, here I am with another Benny update! It is very nearly Christmas time but before the festive rush of food, shopping and fun, it is time to paws, chill and relax and delve into some self-care, all in honour of National Self Care month that has been happening this month! That is why for my November Update I wanted to share the very bear-st of my favourite self-care activities!

Self-care is very important, especially as the weather is all gloomy and the sun has disappeared behind the clouds!

One of my favourite activities is going on a nice nature walk! I am so lucky to live near such green spaces and I don’t mind becoming a drizzly bear when going on a walk when there’s a little bit of rain! It is a great way to enjoy the outdoors when the weather doesn’t allow for a teddy bear picnic! Spending time outside is an amazing way to practice self-care as the fresh air and the sights help clear my thoughts and lift my mood!

When it rains a bit too hard and it’s now paw-sible to go outside, I like finding fun things to do indoors too! I like baking, spending time with animals and listening to music (or paw-dcasts!). This is also a great way to pass the time during the lockdown!

Another great way to relax is to spend time with your pets – don’t I look cute alongside my furry friend Batman?

I also have been listening to the latest Care to Listen? podcast episodes, which I fur-roughly enjoyed! Listening to podcasts is a great way to learn new things, and to relax! With the latest series of the Care to Listen series, I enjoyed learning about the experience of our fantastic care leavers – you can too, by listening to the series here!

That’s all from me, friends – I cannot wait to write to you all next month, with a special edition blog post from me!



Benny x

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