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Benny the Bear reflects on #CareDay21!

Hello friends! Welcome to this month’s blog from me! This is a special edition of my blog – in which I will be sharing my favourite poems, from our talented children and young people, that were written for #CareDay21!

As you might know, I love reading, and it is very easy for me to get lost in a good book or even a poem! That’s why I was so excited that my favourite poet Clare Shaw led a workshop, in which the bear-lliant children and young people across the Five Rivers Family took part and created some paw-some poems on what love meant for them, all for Care Day 2021! I enjoyed reading their paw-some work so much that I have found some favourites – here they are!

1. Love is….snow

2. Love is…silent and calm

3. Love is…home

You can check out all the poems in this compilation right here – well done to all the amazing and fur-ntastic work!


The poetry workshop was just a small part of the series of events and occasions that happened in the lead up to #CareDay21 – you can check out the full list and blog post here!


That is all!



Benny x

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