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Care Day Inspires our Care-Experienced Young People to Speak Out

Our young people are getting vocal by organising their own ‘Speak Out’ event in the South West of England to take place in February 2019.

What’s it like to be in care? Most of us think we have an idea from the media and books – but unless we meet someone who has been in care and can talk to them face-to-face, we’ll never know. This is the kind of barrier our looked-after young people want to break down, and they are doing something to help –  by organising their own ‘Speak Out’ event in the South West of England to mark Care Day in February 2019.

When a plan comes together

It started when one of our ‘Make A Difference’ Young People’s Groups met up to celebrate Care Day in a community centre in Gloucestershire. After a shared lunch, some games and activities the 5 young people, aged between 10 and 17,  came up with their own brilliant idea of what to do to mark the next Care Day – which falls on the third Friday in February each year. Using Mind-Mapping techniques, our young people began organising a ‘Speak Out’ Day and they got so excited, they booked a room in advance for February half term 2019!

Getting the message out

Friends, teachers, social workers and other foster families will all be invited to take part. The number one aim will be to have fun, but with a more serious aim of helping more people to understand more about the experiences of young people in care, and break down false, negative assumptions made about Looked After Children.

Some of the activities for the event they came up with were;

  •   Speak Out Stage – for young people to hold the space and talk about their experiences
  •   Talent Showcase with prize-giving– showing the amazing range of abilities among our Looked After Children
    For young children –  face painting and tots area
  •   For fun – a fundraising raffle, a DJ, food, drink and a vote on which staff member gets splatted!
    VIP invite
  • The young people left with a big “to do” list including researching a VIP to invite who is a care leaver. Watch this Space!


Care Day is marked across the UK and Ireland. The aim is to celebrate the lives and achievements of children in care, and those who have left care.  In England, it’s run by a charity called Become that champions the rights of the care-experienced and helps them achieve their dreams. Through our ongoing Participation programme, we encourage our Looked After Children to get involved and make a difference to their care, their community and their own futures.  Find out how:

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