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Inspirational couple help transition foster children to forever families

As part of Foster Care Fortnight, two of our foster carers, Maxine and Wayne, are sharing their story as foster parents in the hope they can encourage more people to take up a career in foster care.

Maxine and her husband Wayne, have provided a caring home for 14 children in their five short years as foster carers. Initially inspired into foster care because Maxine’s own mother was adopted as a baby, the couple has now helped several groups of brothers and sisters transition into adoption with their forever families, as well as offering a short-term home for others.

Growing up learning about why her own mum was adopted, it was important for Maxine to try and help people the same way her mum was helped and cared for. Maxine said: “Grandma and grandad couldn’t have their own children, so they adopted my mum and she was absolutely everything to them. Because of this, it’s always been in my nature to want to give children the nurture that they need.”

Although not intending to specialise in caring for children who are transitioning into adoption, Maxine has now helped two sibling groups successfully settle into their adoptive families. Aided by her own experiences of understanding how important it was for her mother and uncle who were adopted together at a young age, Maxine has helped these sibling groups stay together rather than being separated as so many brothers in sisters in care are.

Maxine knew that by being able to help children with this transition, particularly siblings who are at risk of being separated unless they can be cared for together, it could make a huge positive difference to their lives. Maxine said: ”People often ask how I cope with the constant goodbyes that come with having foster children mainly for short periods, but the beauty of what I often do in helping them settle into adoption is that I’m helping them find their new life and forever family. That’s a real privilege. I know how much adoption changed my mum’s life so I feel like I’m repaying a debt.”

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