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Farmers can Foster!

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We urgently need Foster Carers across the country and are appealing to the farming community to help.

We believe that Farmers make excellent Foster Carers. You are resilient, you work through challenges, and you nurture growth – qualities that Foster Carers have in abundance.

At Five Rivers, we strive to find safe homes for foster children in their local area. This means that when children go into care, they don’t have to leave their school, friends and family behind.

Could your farm provide a safe haven for a local child?

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Five Reasons to Combine Farming with Fostering:

  • Fulfilment

Experience the joy of making a profound difference in a child’s life, enriching both their life and yours.

  • Community

The farming community is renowned for its solidarity – so too is the fostering community. Foster with Five Rivers and benefit from regular networking opportunities. Find your local fostering hub.

  • Flexibility

We will ensure that fostering works around other seasonal responsibilities. Talk to us about short-term fostering (up to 28 days).

  • Support

Benefit from competitive pay, training, and round-the-clock professional support.

  • Legacy of Love

Leave a lasting legacy beyond your fields and help local children stay local.


Why Farmers Make Great Foster Carers

  • Nurturing Nature

Farmers possess a natural instinct for care and compassion, evident in their dedication to cultivating life on the land.

  • Resourcefulness

Adaptability is in your DNA. Just as you troubleshoot challenges on the farm, you’ll tackle obstacles in fostering with ingenuity and resilience.

  • Family Values

Family comes first in farming. By opening your heart and home to a child in need, you’re extending your family circle and creating a safe haven for a vulnerable soul.

  • Teaching Traditions

Pass down not only farming techniques but also values of hard work, perseverance, and empathy to the next generation.

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