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Foster Care Fortnight 2024

Foster Care Fortnight is a special two-week celebration organised by The Fostering Network. It’s all about raising awareness of the fantastic work in the fostering community and encouraging more people to consider fostering.

This year’s theme is #FosteringMoments, and we are sharing heart-warming stories and laughs from the young people in our care alongside the Foster Carers and teams at Five Rivers and our partner agencies!

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Here are some ways you can get involved in Foster Care Fortnight with Five Rivers:

Attend Events

Five Rivers are hosting various events during Foster Care Fortnight across their regional Fostering Hubs. These events are a great way to learn about fostering, hear stories from Foster Carers, and support your local fostering community.

Share with Us

Why not share with us on social media a special fostering moment that you have experienced? Tag @FiveRiversChildCare. Your memories could inspire others to think about fostering and show support for foster families!

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Learn More

Take some time to read about foster care and the amazing stories from our Foster Carers. Our young people have also written Life Blogs, covering subjects that are the most important to them.

Spread the Word

Knowledge is power! Talk to your friends, family, and teachers about foster care. Share posts from Five Rivers Child Care on social media using hashtags like #FosterCareFortnight and #FosteringMoments. The more people know about fostering, the more we can help children find loving homes.

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