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Meet Fans of Fostering: Love, Share, and Foster

As part of a month-long campaign where we challenge misconceptions and address common questions about fostering, we have launched a new video series called Meet Fans of Fostering. In this series, we have conversations with people actively trying to change people’s perceptions of children in care, using different platforms.

In this second video, we speak with Judith, Gillian, and Valerie, three sisters from Northern Ireland who are all Foster Carers, and collectively manage the Instagram account, Love, Share, and Foster. They started the account during Fostering February and have since racked up over 2,000 followers. Using their Instagram account, they share the highs and lows of fostering children and young people with the aim of encouraging others to consider fostering. Together, they currently foster nine children as well as care for their own biological children, who regularly make an appearance on their Insta stories and document their experiences as the brothers and sisters of foster children.

In this video, we discuss the impact fostering has had on their own families as well as fostering as a full-time or part-time vocation.

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