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Our award for “placing young people at the heart” of our work

Award winning five rivers fostering

We are so proud to have received the Investing in Children Membership Award (IIC Award) for the second year running. The award recognises organisations for their work in actively including young people in dialogue that results in change.  We have been praised for various projects and initiatives we run that involve young people in our care making decisions which directly impact on their experiences.

In the Investing in Children report, our regional and national youth council initiative was highlighted as being imperative to “placing young people at the heart” of our work. The youth councils involve groups of children and young people meeting to discuss their experiences of foster care, arrange social and community-based events and plan creative sessions where looked-after children can express their thoughts and feelings artistically.

These projects materialised in various forms across the country.  For example, a group of young people in London produced a film celebrating the lives and resilience of children in care, whereas our youth council for the south and south east organised camping trips and pony riding sessions to develop peer relationships and help build self-confidence.

Martin Leitch, head of fostering operations here at Five Rivers said: “We’re so proud of our foster carers and regional teams who work through the year to provide support and loving homes to children and young people who need them most. To receive the IIC Award for a second consecutive year is not only testament to them, but also to the shared resilience, brightness and drive to succeed demonstrated by our children and young people in care.”

There is currently an estimated shortfall of 6,800 foster families across England, and we are looking to recruit foster carers to help support children and young people in need of a loving home.

Mr Leitch continued: “Foster care is open to people from all walks of life, providing they have a spare room and they are over the age of 21.  We are always keen to speak with people who would like to learn more about opportunities to support children and young people in their local area.  Foster care is a chance to provide someone with a loving home and a strong foundation for future success.  For us, that’s the reward that matters most.”

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