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Self care at Christmas

Christmas, the period around it, and winter in general can bring moments of real joy, but they can also present a challenge to many. Tensions can arise, old wounds can reopen, or illness can strike. The triggers, pressure, and mental load of the festive season can certainly take their toll, making us feel less than joyful.

We all know that the idea of being permanently in the festive spirit from mid-November is a myth, but if you or those you are supporting need a break to think about things from a different perspective or if things are feeling tricky, here are some gentle resources and articles suggested by our Assessment and Therapy team that might make you feel a little brighter.

    • Check out OptionBThere for those experiencing hardship during the holidays.
    • Charlie Mackesy’s lovely book The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse, is being animated on the BBC this Christmas. Check out a sweet 30 second trailer here for a taster of this beautifully gentle look at life and cherishing ourselves and each other.

  • And for an accepting, positive message, check out this quote from Instagrammer Zara @KeepItBright:

“Just a reminder not to put pressure on yourself to put on a brave face or push yourself to be cheerful. You’re allowed to feel sad, be down about it, miss them”.

May you find time to rest and replenish yourself this Christmas and take gentle and loving steps into 2023.

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