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Thank you to our wonderful administrative workers!

Have you ever given much thought to the people who answer the phone when you call an organisation? Or to the person who welcomes you when you visit a hotel or business premises? How about the people who pay your salary or invoices, or who confirm your training sessions?

All of these tasks are completed by our wonderful administrative teams; the people who diligently work behind the scenes and who are critical to the success of the organisation, keeping everything running smoothly and efficiently.

Our unsung heroes are those who perform the varied business functions, all day, every day – all to ensure that our foster carers, care workers, social workers and management teams are enabled to do their job, supporting the children and young people in our care.

That’s why at Five Rivers, 23rd April is our ‘Administrator Appreciation Day’ – this is the day when we stop to say a huge thank you to everyone who performs an administrative function within the organisation, whether they’re based in our Head Office, our schools, our regional offices, our children’s homes or those who work from home.

So, today, please join us in flying the flag for those who are often ‘behind the scenes’ but who work incredibly hard to make sure that the organisation is, and continues to be, the best that it can be.

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