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Top 10 free things to do on family day

family time

As it family day today, we have come up with some ideas of what you and your family could be doing to celebrate and they are completely free.

1. Bike Ride

Going for a family bike ride would be a fun way to get some exercise after school and work on a Monday evening. It would also be a good way to work off whatever special family dinner you may be having.

2. Geocaching

Go and hunt for local hidden treasures with your family. Geocaching is a fun outdoor adventure for all ages. You can download a free geocaching app that will guide you to the hidden caches, then you can log them as you go. There could be some right outside your doorstep!

3. Board Games

Nothing says family like a board game night. There are so many to choose from: Monopoly, Scrabble, even Jenga. Or better yet,  you could come up with your own family game.

4. Baking

It may be time to wipe the dust off one of those family cookbooks somebody bought for you one Christmas because it’s baking time. This is a fun, and tasty way to celebrate family day. The dynamic duo.

5. Listen to your favourite family songs

Everybody has songs they like to sing with their family and the best thing about this is that you can do it whilst doing other fun things, like playing board games or baking!

6. Movie night

This is a perfect way to spend your Monday evening, especially if the weather is bad. Get your comfiest clothes on and relax while watching your favourite family film. One to note, pizza is the best food for watching movies with.

7. Family talent show

Organise a family talent show. Whether you’re a singer, a dancer or a judge, this could be a way to have fun as a family Simon Cowell style.

8. Go for a walk

This is a simple way to unwind with family after school or work. It gives you a chance to catch up as a family and get some exercise in.

9. Look through old photos

Reminiscing over old photos is a fun way to catch up and to get to know your family more. Looking at dad’s 80s haircuts may be more fun than you think.

10. Get your arts and crafts on

Creating art is a good way to make a memory out of family day. If not all the family are there at the same time, it may be a nice idea to make something for the people who aren’t there.

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