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Weston-Super-Mare foster carer encourages others to foster

Foster carer, Sue, worked in business to business sales but when her sister began fostering Sue felt an urge to support young people in need of care. She signed up to be a foster carer with Five Rivers and hasn’t looked back.   

Over the past five years, Sue and husband Peter have fostered 26 children, with many coming to them on emergency placements at very little notice, and others for respite periods to help support other foster carers.  Sue maintains a close relationship with many of the children she has previously looked after, including three girls who are now living with their biological mother. Sue said: “I still love them to bits, and I keep in touch with their mum.  It’s important to be there for them and wonderful to see that with our help, they’ve managed to stay together as a family unit.”

Sue has recently completed a course in therapeutic advancement, which provides insight into the emotional and behavioural traits of children.  She now specialises in therapeutic parenting, and lauded the training provided by Five Rivers.  “Five Rivers’ training is second to none,” Sue said.  “It’s completely relevant to your work as a foster carer, and what you hope to do in the future.”

Sue and her sister Grace continue to support each other throughout their journeys as foster carers, and are making new friends through Five Rivers:  “I’ve met and become friends with other foster carers in the area,” Sue said.  “It’s important to be around people who know what you’re going through and can offer empathy and support.”

“I get referrals through all the time; there’s always demand for foster carers.  I simply can’t have any more children at the moment, as my current foster children need my support and time to adjust to new relationships and it’s heart-breaking to know there are little ones out there in desperate need of a foster home.”

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