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Wiltshire couple encourage other people to start fostering

With people across England facing bleak employment prospects as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, two of our foster carers, Joanne and Damian, believe that more people should consider fostering in this time of uncertainty.

The couple, who have been married for 23 years, first thought about fostering after their son was born with a rare genetic condition in 1993. Based on medical advice, the couple decided not to have any other children and began to look into fostering and adoption.

Joanne, a former local authority worker, made the decision to become a full-time foster carer while Damian, who had a senior role with a global manufacturing company, continued to work until 2016 when he too made the decision to leave his job and also become a full-time carer.

Joanne and Damian are currently providing a safe home to a teenage girl and a younger boy and girl, all are on long-term placements, meaning they will stay with Joanne and Damian until they are able to live independently as adults. The couple are also still in close contact with a former foster child who lived with them for two and a half years.

Talking about the rewards of fostering, Joanne said: “Getting to watch all three children grow up in a happy environment where they can thrive has definitely been one of the best things and certainly one of the many reasons why we continue to foster. Seeing them grow in confidence, whether that be in school, in sport or another hobby is just wonderful to see. We’re just so proud of each one of them.

“They have brought so much to our lives that we really couldn’t think of being without them now. Of course, fostering does come with its challenges, but without a doubt, the rewards outweigh any challenges we’ve come across. We would really urge anyone who can to consider fostering.”

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