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Young people’s future reimagined with art and a wish tree


Fostering and art


Benny the Bear, our resident blogger, reports:

Hi everyone

Just wanted to keep you posted with some amazing creative work the young people did recently!

Last year the Five Rivers National Youth Council asked the Board of Directors for funding to run a ‘Residential Multi-media Creative Arts weekend’. They wanted to create artwork that celebrates having experience of care. The board thought their idea was brilliant! We are always keen to bust the stereotypes around care.

Nine of our care experienced young people turned up to an arts weekend organised by our Participation programme. Yusuf and Saira Jayne – care experienced artists – helped them express their feelings about care and redefine their beliefs about what they can achieve.

Paul Revis, a fostering support worker from Chesterfield was there too; he told me:

“During the weekend the young people were given the opportunity to investigate how they could express their feelings about their lives through poetry and contributing to a collective model that would be available to go on display.

“At one point the young people, collectively, asked for the opportunity to share their personal stories with the group. This proved to be a thought-provoking, emotional and empowering session.

“The events of this weekend provided real evidence of the positive impact that Five Rivers and its dedicated carers are having on the development and future potential of the young people in our care. It was extremely rewarding to see how the young people were sharing their positive ambitions for their futures and inspiring each other. The feedback from the young people was overwhelmingly positive. They enjoyed the activities, particularly the poetry, and the opportunity to spend time with other young people like themselves. Many new friendships were formed.”

I loved seeing all the poetry and hearing about the fun that was had!

Love, fostering and artBenny the Bear

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