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Life Bloggers Series: How music has impacted my life from childhood to teenage me

It all began when I was 7, me and my Dad moved to a new house.
My Dad was a DJ (not famous but well known to locals), and pretty much every day, he would play music in our new house. It was pretty much just reggae and rap, but that didn’t stop my younger self from dancing and singing to it. Since I was only 7, I didn’t know much about music and how it was composed, so I asked my dad and every week, he would show me how he made his music and how he used loops, etc. After a few years, we began to make a few songs together but never uploaded them. From that year I knew that music was my talent.

Years later, I joined secondary school, I must admit that I do enjoy school, but I didn’t have many friends at my first school, so I mainly focused on my grades. I really liked music and started piano lessons; unfortunately, soon after my piano lessons, I had to move schools again. But I wasn’t going to let that affect my love for music. I worked hard to get better at the basics to show my parents that I was good, but soon later, I had to move again because I suddenly went into care.

Because I was moving house again, I asked my foster mother for drum lessons because I wanted to learn a new instrument since she thought I would be good at it. She said yes, and that’s when I fell in love with drums.

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At the end of year 8 I had to choose my options. I chose history, art and music tech. I was going to do music performance instead of art, but I wasn’t prepared to perform in front of everyone and I also knew that I was better at creating songs out of loops midi and using the decks due to what my Dad taught me. Now that I’m in year 9 I may be performing in front of my whole year and a few other years with one of my close mates to show off our talents.

What Do I Want To Become When I’m Older?
When I’m older I want to become a famous music producer. I know it sounds like a dream I’m never going to achieve, but I believe if I work hard and stay focused, I can achieve anything, and so can anyone else. I also think that there are a lot of benefits of becoming a music producer. For example, I get to do something I love, I get to collaborate with some amazing talented people and artists if I’m lucky, and I can benefit the others and culture around me.


The Three Most Important Aspects Of Becoming A Music Producer (In My Opinion).
I think one of the three most important aspects of becoming a music producer is creativity, creativity is one of the most common skills that music producers possess. Music producers use their creativity to make them make something original and perhaps remixed.

The second most important thing is communication; most music producers spend most of their time when they aren’t producing music- talking to people. I think communication is incredibly important when it comes to music because you can get ideas from others for your projects.

And finally, the most important of all, teamwork. Teamwork is important in any job you do, but it is incredibly important in music production because music producers must be active contributors to the music production effort. Music producers are not just managing everyone; they are an integral part of the music creation process.

Some Of My Favourite Artists
Some of my favourite musicians/artists are people who tell the story for example: Eminem (Eminem has been talking about his life in his songs for almost two decades now) John legend and Guns N’ Roses I feel like songs that have stories make the most sense and help you understand the singer more.

How Can You Get Involved In Music?
Honestly, I got involved with music by taking music lessons, going to music clubs and school projects and getting involved in extracurricular school music projects. Also, just listening to music and using software like Logic Pro Garage Band and Sound Trap can get you involved.

Thank you for reading My Musical Life.

And remember, do whatever you can to get better but never change for anyone.


Blog by Fifi

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This blog has been created as part of a series of ‘Life Blogs’ by care-experienced young people, following the 2024 London sessions with The Royal Literary Fund and VoiceBox.

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