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We’ve made a film: ‘The Masks We Wear’.

We are the 2018 Five Rivers Youth Council and we’ve made a film. Our participation officer, Olivia, a filmmaker, an artist, a writer, a musician and a dramatist helped us create this performance video about speaking up and disclosure. It is a blend of all our stories and the characters are based on real people.

As we did this we looked closely into the lives of the people who had hurt us and we noticed that they were once victims as well so we learned how the cycle of abuse can happen.

The project was made possible by a donation from the Reed Family Foundation and we would like to thank them very much. We really enjoyed this experience and are very proud of our work and hope that it can get seen by people at art and film festivals.

C,H,H,H,R,S-J,T – 6 young people aged 11 – 17 in Five Rivers foster care.

What’s changed

Our young people have made a film that celebrates children in care, and the importance of speaking out.

This was a ‘Make a Difference’ production by Five Rivers’ Participation Service 

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