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Participation at Five RiversCalling all Five Rivers Fostered children – I’m NEO the Five Rivers Children’s Participation Champion! Whenever you see me, you know I want to hear about what you are thinking and feeling. Here’s your chance to get involved with lots of stuff in Five Rivers


What is Participation?

Five Rivers’ Participation works with our children and young people to give them a voice in decisions relating to their own care, to enable them to contribute to their community and to help them express views on the things that are important for them.

Our young people are keen to let the world know about their achievements. Read their stories below or check out our media channels:


Five Rivers Child Care Soundcloud


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Five Rivers Child Care Issu

Our Participation Principles

  1. Participation is ‘valued’ and the views of young people are taken seriously.
  2. All children are given the same opportunities to be included in decision making that affects their lives.
  3. Participation should be a Fun, Creative process and young people’s contribution is recognised and rewarded.

Leaving Care

We have a befriending service for young people aged 18-25 who have left Five Rivers’ care, including our partner agencies. The service is called Five Rivers Futures.

Find out more about Five Rivers Futures.

We also have a Post Care guide to provide information to young people leaving care.

Read our Post Care guide.


Stories of how we enable our young people to participate in decisions relating to their own care, and get their voices heard about the things that mean a lot to them.


Everything we do in our participation programmes is about to change. Change for the better.

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