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LGBT+ dads encourage others to consider fostering

LGBT Foster CarersRaymartin and John have been fostering with us since November 2018 and are currently foster parents to nine-year-old Graham*, who they hope to foster on a long-term basis, meaning he will stay with them until he is able to live independently as an adult.

Previously a primary school teacher, Raymartin first considered fostering when he became disillusioned with his career and felt he could do more to help vulnerable children. He said: “I began to realise that it was the emotional and social development that I enjoyed most about teaching, and my strengths tended to be with those children who had behavioural problems or had had a tougher start in life than most.”

“Once the idea of fostering was in our heads, John and I just knew it was the right decision. It’s such a privilege to be making a difference to Graham’s* life and future which is undoubtedly the most important thing. Graham’s* a completely different child to when he arrived, he’s so much more confident in himself and together we’ve helped him to overcome some big hurdles in his life. We’re just so proud of the person he’s becoming. We’re excited to see what the future brings and to create more memories with him.”


Speaking about the importance of LGBT+ individuals fostering, Raymartin said: “Giving children and young people a safe and loving place to call home is the number one priority, so if you’re considering fostering, don’t let any misconceptions stop you. Our sexuality hasn’t caused any obstacles in our fostering journey and why should it? Fostering is about being  as supportive as possible and if you can provide that support, there should be nothing from stopping you to supporting those in need of a home.”

For more information on fostering as a LGBT+ individual and for fostering queries in general, visit our LGBT Fostering page to find out more or contact the enquiries team 0345 266 0272 or email

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