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Investing in Children Membership Award for South East Fostering Team

“They always listen to us. We have the chance on our own to discuss things and I feel I am listened to. If I thought there was something I felt strongly about, I know things would change if I asked – they should definitely get the award!”  – Five Rivers Fostered child

Great news! Our Five Rivers Fostering team in the South and East has been awarded the Investing in Children Kite mark, accreditation and membership.

The Kitemark is national recognition for the good practice and active inclusion of children and young people in dialogue resulting in change.

Our South and East region is the first of our five regional teams to receive the Investing In Children membership award and others are hot on their heels.

Groundbreaking participation projects that have grown from children in this region include:


  • A book written by 17 year old Ruby Macey, ‘Forever Family’ which is being used to help prospective foster family birth children understand what it’s like being a daughter from a fostering family;
  • A redesign challenge by fostered child Kerri to make our ‘safer care’ plans more interesting and child friendly;

A project kickstarted by fostered child Rob to allow young people to communicate about participation opportunities going on across the country.

Five Rivers’ Founder & CEO Pam McConnell says;

“These examples and many more have had a huge impact not only within the organisation but outside as well. Five Rivers Fostering are truly an organisation that believe children and young people are powerful catalysts for meaningful change”.

This membership award is renewed annually and will ensure we keep on listening and creating opportunities for meaningful dialogue as part of our everyday organisational culture.

Why be members of Investing in Children?

The Investing in Children Membership Award™recognises and celebrates examples of imaginative practice with children and young people. Investing in Children provides a range of research and participation services to organisations that work with children and young people and share their commitment to children’s human rights.

Find out more at the Investing in Children website

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