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Residential superheroes meet new challenges

Looked after children at one of our residential children’s homes have been inspired by their superheroes to create new beginnings.

The three boys chose an alias of their favourite sci-fi superhero;  ‘Batman’, ‘Dobby’ and ‘Spock’ and are proud to share their news: 

  • Dobby made burgers from scratch for everyone to enjoy.
  • Batman joined a squad of Air Cadets nearby and is really enjoying it.
  • Spock celebrated his birthday with a day out to see Star Trek on the big screen followed by a mammoth pizza!  
  • Batman and Dobby challenged each other to get better at trampolining.
  • Batman offered to clean the entrance and front driveway to the home and earned an extra reward.
  • Batman and Dobby visited Manchester’s Bellevue Stadium for a VIP Speedway tour and met a former champion racer.

Our superheroes ‘Dobby’, ‘Batman’ and ‘Spock’ are looked-after children living in Five Rivers’ group-living residential environments where they are being supported to recover from trauma and abuse through developing successful relationships, empathy and social confidence.

This blog post has been developed as part of our participation programme.  

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