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Silver ATSSA Award for Clannad School!

Five Rivers London-based Clannad School, has received a Silver Attachment and Trauma Sensitive School Award (ATSSA)!

This nationally recognised award acknowledges schools that have made a commitment to building a culture of attachment and trauma sensitivity. To be eligible for the award, the school must prove they have taken steps to provide educational provision that is sensitive to children who have faced adversity, such as children in care. ATSSA Silver Award badge

This is a framework of support and understanding for schools and other educational establishments within which children and young people who have experienced adversity can heal, thrive, play, and learn.​​​​​​​

Our Children’s Services Director, Nicci Willock, said: “Congratulations to Uti and everyone involved in securing this fabulous accolade; it is great to see their efforts being recognised, as I know they hold a firm commitment to developing a culture of compassion and nurture.

This approach goes a long way to ensuring children can learn and grow. This award adds to the growing collection of independent accreditations our trauma-informed schools have and I am proud to see that we provide educational experiences that help children to heal, play, learn and thrive” 

The following feedback was provided to Clannad School by Dr Jennifer A Nock, responsible for granting the ATSSA Awards: “You are absolutely committed to truly seeing and hearing children and responding to their communication, whether it be verbal or physical. I loved your term ‘Listening to the unsaid; watching out for the unseen.’ You are flexible and make immediate changes in response to children’s needs, and skilled at interpreting both verbal and non-verbal communication. You recognise that the body doesn’t lie! It’s a loudspeaker for what’s going on inside. This is a particular strength of the school.  

What really shone through is that an attachment and trauma-sensitive approach is becoming increasingly interwoven into strategy, policy and practice. It is no longer a ‘tick box’ of things to do, but a rich tapestry which is organic and dynamic, responding to children’s needs in each developmental area.” 

A fantastic result for Clannad School, who are now setting their sights on going for Gold!

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