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Osmington House

  • Age Range: 6-12 on admission
  • Capacity: 1
  • Gender: Male or Female
  • Length: No less than six months
  • Location: Dorset

Osmington House is a warm and caring home, with staff genuinely committed to making a difference to the lives of children and young people and holding them at the heart of all they do. The whole team is trained to understand and work with trauma, and the negative experiences that can follow. Training for all staff is atherapeutic informed and ensures an understanding and knowledge around child’s development, trauma, attachment and neuroscience. This positions the team to understand how best to support individual child and help them to understand their emotions and behaviours. The team also draw on their own skills and the use of role modelling, along with a more directive approach of teaching new ways of managing emotions and behaviours and relating to others.

We aim to provide an in-depth understanding of a young person’s life and how related patterns of behaviour affect everyday choices of how to live. As a team, we believe this will support our young person to reach their full life potential by providing the tools necessary for growth and change.

We ensure the home is a safe, positive and therapeutic environment in which our young person can thrive. In these conditions, we believe we can promote resilience, independence and perseverance.

“I have become a better person than I would have been, so I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped me.”
Young person, 2018

Educational needs and daily activities are tailored to meet the individual young person, with the aim of engaging them as fully as possible while considering any specific requirements, therefore making their goals attainable and in return raising self-esteem and confidence.

The team work closely together, sharing information with each other and where relevant, with our young person. Our young person is always at the centre of what we do and we encourage full participation in current and future plans.

“Staff have developed positive and trusting relationships with the child who lives at this home. Staff are nurturing and show him genuine warmth and affection. They have the skills to ensure that he feels safe and secure.”
Ofsted, April 2019

The team is empathetic while maintaining important boundaries to ensure a feeling of safety. Our positive “can-do” attitude does not dismiss a child’s previous experiences; rather, we listen and emotionally ‘hold’ the child so new possibilities become reachable, promoting hope and change. The team continually assesses their own work during a fortnightly team meeting and clinical sessions. During these meetings, staff discuss the child’s emotional/physical and behavioural needs, the progress made, what’s working and what isn’t, and how we adapt to move forward finding solution.

We also provide fun and games and use a wide range of leisure activities to engage children and give them a sense of well-being from taking part. We actively promote joining clubs and encourage peer relationships.

Staff are committed to building genuine relationships with the children and young people in our care, enabling trust-building and the new experiences that can arise from this, promoting growth, change and new opportunities. We work with reflective professionalism while at the same time building a family culture of love, warmth, honesty and freedom of speech. The best interests of the young person are the heart of our commitment to providing this safe haven for promoting change.

“It is clear that the child thrives at Osmington and the team are now working with him around his next step ensuring that any future transition is carefully planned and managed.”
Regulation 44, 2019

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