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Each year, the number of children and young people living in care is gradually increasing across the United Kingdom. One universal fact across the various care sectors is that children and young people in care are four times more likely than their peers to experience difficulties with their mental health (Meltzer et al. 2003). These children and young people have often experienced inconsistent caregiving, which may have been coupled with abuse and neglect.

The experience of living in traumatic, unpredictable and confusing environments can cause significant lasting difficulties, and can impact on a child’s social, emotional, physical and behavioural well-being.

Our trauma-informed principles and model of care ensure we keep each child and young person at the centre of our thinking, with a sharp focus on their experiences both past and present, and the resulting impact on their current presentation and well-being. Our practitioners have expertise in the areas of developmental trauma, disrupted attachments, parenting, fostering, adoption and residential services.

About our Assessments

We offer a range of assessments using clinical tools including direct observations, clinical interviews and structured psychometric assessments. Our assessments inform holistic psychological formulations that identify the strengths and requirements of the client and lead to helpful interventions for any unmet need.

Who are our assessments available to?

Local authorities or other agencies can commission specific assessments that may include full psychological assessments to plan for therapeutic support, or cognitive assessments to ensure a better understanding of how a client learns and processes information.

These assessments can also provide information that can help match children and young people to suitable carers and determine the type of treatment package that will support their emotional and psychological needs.

Bespoke assessment process for LAC (Looked After Children)

When children and young people are placed with Five Rivers Child Care, we complete a series of baseline assessments aimed at telling us more about their emotional health; their strengths, vulnerabilities and their style of attachment. This information helps us to tailor and plan individual support.

The assessments we use aim to address more than just emotional and behavioural well-being, by also focusing on areas including trauma symptomology, displays of dissociative behaviour and attachment style.

The assessments are reviewed annually within an Integrated Case Management Meeting (ICMM), in which the team around the child gathers to review, share and formulate according to the child’s presenting level of need.

During the ICMM, a Therapeutic Needs Profile and Intervention Plan is compiled which share actions, understanding and recommendations as to how to support the child and their carer(s) going forward. The ICMM creates an opportunity for highly individualised care planning that focuses all outcomes on a positive trajectory, embracing all developmental, educational, health, social and emotional needs.

Quality care that gives young people new opportunities

We have a clear mission to provide support that creates the right experiences, while mitigating the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). With the proper care and nurture, all children and young people have the right to harness their innate capacity to recover from their experiences. We give them that opportunity.

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