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Do you have questions about fostering? Not sure about the process, the benefits of fostering, do you have any worries or concerns? Our Carer Enquiry Team can help.

With years of expertise and knowledge on what it takes to become a Foster Carer, they are here to chat and support you in beginning your fostering journey with us.

Learn more about the team and get to know the people who can answer your fostering enquiries!

T: 0330 162 6381
Carer Recruitment Email: [email protected]

Julia Name: Julia

When did you start working at Five Rivers? I joined in 2019 as a Carer Enquiry Co-ordinator.

What do you most like about your role? I enjoy helping people to understand what becoming a Foster Carer is going to entail, having a good chat with them about the process they will need to go through to become a Foster Carer so that they have a better understanding of fostering. I enjoy knowing that those I speak with could potentially help many children in the future with a loving and secure home for them to thrive in.

Fun fact: We are lucky enough to have 4 hedgehogs in our garden each year, as well as hoglets too and as a family we support the hedgehogs to survive by giving them food and water each day and safe spaces in the garden to nestle in.

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