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Benny’s August Update

Hi there, it’s Benny the Bear, bringing you the bear-st of what I am currently up to!

Summer is in full swing and has been a great time to paws and unwind and the best way to do that has been through baking!

If you remember, I have been a very responsible bear and made some New Year’s Resolutions and one of them was to eat healthier. But baking is a great past time nevertheless!

My favourite thing to eat (and bake!) are yummy chocolate brownies – the chocolatier, the better! Here is me posing with a batch that I helped make – it kept me beary busy and was plenty of fun.

A nice summer baked treat would not be complete with a warm cup of tea, my favourite bearverage!

Aside from baking, another great rainy-day activity that I love is arts and crafts! I loved seeing the children from the South and South East taking part in their Weekly Art Projects – I can’t wait to create something colourful for when a rainy day comes!

In other news, I can bear-ly contain my excitement about the lovely Five Rivers staff making their return in the office! I can’t wait to visit them, while being socially distanced of course, and detail all my adventures here! I will not be abandoning the Zoom meetings; video chats are always fun. Don’t I look great in this screenshot from one of my busy bear meetings?

I am also looking forward to visiting my friends at The Spires school in September for the new school year! Lots of things to learn and do, such as life skills! My favourite life skill is cooking and I can improve, but I love being in the kitchen! I can’t wait to go back to The Spires food tech lab where the children can create some amazing cooking creations.

That is all from me for this time friends, I look forward to catching you up on my adventures next month!

Benny x

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