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Celebrating Children Who Foster

Our Bromsgrove Fostering Office recently held a consultation day for Children Who Foster. ‘Children Who Foster’ are in most cases, the birth children of foster carers. These young people can often experience difficult times as well as good times when foster children enter their home. This was an opportunity for Children Who Foster to talk about their experience of fostering, how they have been involved and to talk about the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’.

We had two young superstars attend this meeting, who gave us insight into their experience in fostering. Both young people openly shared their views and opinions, it was amazing listening to their stories!

These young people gave us lots of positive feedback and information of how fostering has changed their lives to provide a loving home for children in need. Both of these young people have been extremely supportive of their parents, but also have a massive role in fostering children as well.

These are two young people who displayed great maturity, hold great experience and are extremely knowledgeable of fostering, their input, insight and experiences are so vital to new foster children. They are able to recognise foster children’s feelings and because of this, try to make them feel more comfortable in their own home. As well as doing these incredible feats, these young people also support their parents to foster, which shows great empathy, boldness and kindness.

These young people are a perfect example of an ideal role model. They have kindly volunteered to continue to participate in future meetings, to offer advice and guidance to children who could be struggling. We believe the insight from the Children Who Foster could also be used to help match foster carers with potential foster children in the future.

We want to give a massive thank you to these fantastic young people for being so helpful and supportive of an amazing cause.

Find out more about being a foster carer on our fostering information page.

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