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Child from Avon House speaks with Salisbury Mayor about littering

A child from Avon House in Salisbury has written a letter about littering in the town to Salisbury Mayor and received praise and recognition from the Mayor himself for her passion in the cause.

One of the children from Avon House wrote a letter, in which she detailed the littering situation going on in Salisbury town centre and how concerned she was about this. She outlined that the litter upset her due to its impact on the planet, as she can see it in rivers and parks, amongst nature and the animals that frequent these spots.



She also designed an anti-littering sign alongside her concerned letter to help promote the anti-littering cause, a sign that she wanted to be displayed to encourage anti-littering action in local spots in Salisbury.


The letter was sent to Salisbury City Council, and the child was most excited to receive a response from the Mayor himself – a handwritten one too!

The Mayor was impressed by the child’s care for such an important cause, whilst also agreeing with her on what a negative impact littering can make on the local scenery and environment. Most amazingly, the Mayor agreed to get her sign design to be placed in the town, to advise people against littering and he also expressed his interest to work with the child to help fix the issue.

It is beyond inspiring to see children from across Five Rivers make such amazing strides in helping the wider community and we are beyond happy for the response received!

Click here to read the full letter from the Mayor of Salisbury.

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