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Equal Pay Day: Five Rivers Achieves Sector Leading Gender Pay Gap

On Equal Pay Day (18 November) we’re proud to say that we have achieved one of the lowest gender pay gaps in our sector and have significantly reduced our gender gap over the last four years. 

Earlier this year, we published our gender pay gap report which showed a 1.13% median pay gap. This is one of the lowest median pay gaps reported across the sector and is a significant reduction from the previous year’s results. The UK average gender pay gap (based on median gross hourly earnings for all workers) was reported to be 15.4% in 2020*. 

 Kate Bromfield, Head of HR, said: “Equal Pay Day recognises the point in the year where women effectively, on average, stop earning relative to men because of the gender pay gap. Beginning with our employee participation groups pay review work, each layer of our structure was reviewed in detail for pay and opportunity.” 

Five Rivers’ pay at entry level has been improved, as have specific policies affecting women such as maternity, menopause support, and flexible work considerations where possible. Several management training programmes have been implemented to ensure women are equipped to apply for more senior roles within the organisation. Mentoring systems have been set up to ensure women are being actively encouraged to apply for roles and taught how to make them work even with care responsibilities at home. 

Kate Bromfield added: “The latest gender pay gap results show that we are a progressive organisation. Women’s rights and equality extend beyond pay and we’re recognising this holistically through other initiatives too.”

For more information on the pay gap report visit our website or for career opportunities at Five Rivers Child Care visit our careers page.  

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