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Five Reasons to Consider Fostering – If Not Right Now Then Later

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Fostering is the one of the most selfless and positive things that someone can do as it truly helps to turn children’s lives around. However, many people might consider fostering as something they wish to do later in life – rather than now. But that doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t be aware of the wonderful positives that fostering can bring.

  1. You want to positively impact a child’s life – It can’t be argued that by choosing to foster and provide a safe and secure environment for a child, you are giving them a chance to experience something positive. At Five Rivers, we provide extensive support and training to ensure that every foster carer can positively impact the child’s life in the best way possible.
  2. Families are not tied together by genetics, families are tied together by care, love and commitment to each other, and fostering is defined by that. You can provide a much-needed family for those who have not had the love and care they should expect and you could provide this by becoming their foster parent.
  3. Fostering is not a ‘one size fits all’ – at Five Rivers we understand that fostering is a big commitment. That’s why we pride ourselves in being able to provide a range of placements – both short and long term. Whether fostering is a ‘now’ thing or a future thing, we are here to provide the expertise and resources to enable you to take on this vital role.
  4. You’re never alone – many people might think that fostering is only suited for those with childcare experience, or those who’ve previously raised a child. Although we welcome those who have fostered before, we are happy to welcome new foster carers from all walks of life and will provide the support and guidance needed.
  5. Fostering is a way of joining the wider community – by fostering with us, you will be part of a dedicated network that allows you to meet and speak with other foster carers, a perfect way to be part of a community that wishes to turn children’s lives around.

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