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I’m Ellie – a Therapeutic Residential Child Care Worker

Meet an enthusiastic member of a team of care workers working at one of our residential care homes for children.



How long have you been a residential care worker at Five Rivers?

I joined in February 2016 as a sessional worker and went full time in August 2016.

What’s the best thing about your job?

I love it because everyone here is part of our House family and we always have lots of fun, especially with our three littlest trolls! There is always someone to laugh and joke with and to cheer me up if I’m feeling sad and I am so lucky to have such a fab place to work!

Tell us something fun about you?

I went to Thailand for a month in February and I was able to go to an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai where they rescued elephants from cruelty. I got to feed them bananas and have a mud bath with them – a fantastic experience.

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