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John Lewis’ Christmas Advert Shows The Importance of Foster Carers

The much-anticipated John Lewis advert has launched today and it does not disappoint.

They have used their Christmas ad spectacular, a significant moment every year, to spotlight children in care.

What a moment, as today we will see millions of viewers contemplating the 108,000 children who will be in care this Christmas.

It captures beautifully the efforts from a foster dad, trying to learn to skateboard and find connection, as he prepares to meet Ellie who is coming into their care at Christmas.

These efforts are made across the country by 1000’s of foster carers, every day, who eagerly and nervously await the arrival of the children they have the responsibility to look after. The tear-jerking film intends to do one thing and that is to make people think “how can I help”. Will it do that? We sincerely hope so.

Take a moment today to consider how special foster carers are.

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