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Tidworth foster couple call for more families to consider fostering

As part of Foster Care Fortnight, two of our foster carers, Nats and Rupert, are sharing their experience in the hope it will inspire others to think about fostering.

Nats, and her husband Rupert, an Officer in the British Army, first considered fostering when they married in 2007. The couple have done a lot of work over the years with former substance abusers while volunteering with their local church, so felt they could provide a safe environment to those who might not have had the best start in life.

The couple look after a teenage boy, alongside their two birth children, on a long-term basis which will mean he stays with the family until he can live independently as an adult.

Speaking about their military lifestyle and fostering, Nats said: “In the beginning I’m not sure we really thought we would be considered as foster carers because we usually move every two years because of Rupert’s career. Even though I always stay at home, Rupert has done several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan so you never really know when he might be sent overseas again – he hasn’t been sent anywhere for a while but there is always that possibility that he could be deployed. However, Five Rivers were unbelievably supportive and encouraged us to begin the process very soon after we had made our initial enquiries with them. The military has also been fantastic in supporting us throughout the whole process.”

Speaking about why more families should consider fostering, Nats said: “We can’t think of life without our foster son now, he is part of the family and he is truly blossoming – his attendance at college has gone from 0.6 percent to 100 percent and he’s passed two of his college courses with flying colours. Seeing him flourish in areas that he didn’t realise he could makes you realise that it’s the little things that make fostering so worthwhile.”

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