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Children’s Mental Health Week 2024

Children's mental health week

It’s Children’s Mental Health Week! Running from 5th-11th February, the theme this year is ‘My Voice Matters’.

My Voice Matters is about empowering children and young people by providing them with the tools they need to express themselves. –

A group of young people took part in a residential weekend away in Dartmoor in November with the Five Rivers Participation program to create interactive animations about mental health and resilience.

The group decided the key talking points and topics that they felt most affected them, six themes were developed, and scripts were written.

The participants then chose characters and used a fantastic piece of digital software that mimicked their real-time movements to create the avatars!

Giving young people these opportunities to make their voices heard and tackle thought-provoking topics, builds confidence and teamwork, whilst providing peer support and advice to others. Watch the brilliant, finished animations below!

Coping with academic pressure

“Grow your coping strategies, notice what works, and celebrate your successes. You’ve got this!”  

This animation talks about coping with academic pressures. 

There are lots of ways to practice self-care. @AnnaFreud have put together resources to help you prioritise your wellbeing: Self-care | Anna Freud 

Standing up to peer pressure and substance abuse

“It’s okay to say no if something doesn’t feel right.” 

As these young people said, “By knowing the facts, you’ll be able to make smarter choices”, so if you want honest information about drugs, talk to Frank: Contact Frank Directly | Confidential Advice | FRANK ( 

Embracing positive body image

“Embrace your unique qualities, celebrate the diversity of body shapes, sizes, and features.” 

This video talks about why you should embrace positive body image. 

If you want to build a healthier sense of self or share tips with others on how you can embrace body positivity, take a look at @MentalHealthFoundation’s top tips: Mind Over Mirror – feeling my mind | Mental Health Foundation 

Coping with Anxiety

“You have the power to change how you see yourself and the world.” 

This video talks about how to cope with anxiety. 

@YoungMinds have put together a handy guide for parents and carers covering what anxiety is, and what treatment and help could be available: Supporting A Child With Anxiety | Tips and Advice | YoungMinds 

 Dealing with romantic relationships

“Express your feelings and expectations openly and honestly, listen to your partner to understand their perspectives.” 

This animation talks about how to deal with boundaries, consent, and communication in relationships. 

The @NSPCC have a whole host of resources to help you have those conversations: How to Talk to Children About Sex & Safety | NSPCC | NSPCC 

Building digital resilience

“Knowing how and when to switch off, is one of the most important skills we can learn.” 

Digital resilience is so important for us all. Listen to these tips on how to switch off from the digital world and stay safe online. 

Our friends at @ParentZone have lots of resources to help you build confidence online, whether that’s learning about popular games and websites, or getting advice on small habits to improve online safety: Main library articles | Parent Zone | At the heart of digital family life 

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