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Fountain House

  • Age Range: 6 - 12 on admission
  • Capacity: Up to 5
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Length: Minimum of two-year placement
  • Location: West Yorkshire

Fountain House has had three successful outstanding Ofsted inspections and prides themselves on their ability to never give up. The primary purpose of Fountain House is to work with young people who are unable to live within a family setting. Fountain House offers a seamless integrated therapeutic approach combining care, education and therapy, all individually tailored to meet the needs of children and young people, with the aim of preparing them (over a minimum of a two-year period) for a long term ‘forever family’ placement.

The practice in the home has a therapeutic underpinning. The manager is able to demonstrate progress in children’s risk-taking behaviours and emotional regulation through a variety of evidence-based assessments. These identify trends, analyse behaviour and inform the realistic and achievable goals set for children”
Ofsted, November 2019

Fountain House works with children and young people in a therapeutic manner incorporating psycho-education and milieu (planned environment) therapy. Staff are able to recognise the difficulties that children and young people can experience when considering the current impact of early life trauma, adverse childhood experiences (ACES) and disrupted attachments. Fountain House develop and review clear and consistent behaviour management strategies including the use of our calfming sensory room and therapy room when appropriate, created specifically to meet the needs of the children and young people.

“Children make excellent progress in this home. The staff work hard at building trusting relationships. This enables children to grow and learn in an environment which is supportive and caring. Staff show through their actions, speech and non-verbal communication that they care about and enjoy the company of the children.”
Ofsted, November 2019

Everything we do at Fountain House is focused on meeting the needs of our young people, practice is child centred, trauma informed and therapeutic. Our interventions promote learning, growth and development. Our home provides a safe and nurturing environment that is full of fun love and laughter where young people and staff can feel valued.

The team at Fountain House have successfully worked with a number of young people who, on admission, displayed a high level of sexualised behaviour alongside extreme violence and aggression, these young people have had an inability to form relationships with adults and have a significant distrust of those and the world around them These young people had been out of education for a significant period of time and were living in a world of chaos with no routine or boundaries.

“I am safe here. Staff would die to protect me, I know this.”
Young person, aged 10.

Through the implementation of consistency, boundaries and routine, therapy, education, the therapeutic environment and psycho-education, these young people have been able to successfully make positive changes to their lives, have developed new coping skills, begun to understand their own past, emotions and behaviour, attend education full time and have shown significant reduction in incidents of violent/ aggressive and sexualised behaviours. They have been able to develop healthy relationships with staff and others around them and have been able to engage in a number of activities further increasing their confidence and self-esteem.

“In my 12 years of front-line work with children and young people, I have never found a home as good as Fountain House.”
Social worker, July 2019

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