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Benny’s September Update

Hello and welcome to the September edition of my blog, I am super excited to be writing about what I’ve been up to this past month! This month’s blog post is really special as I will be sharing my favourite rainy day activities on my birthday month! August has been both sunny and rainy but I am a very adventurous bear no matter the weather!

This past month I was excited to venture out to Brighton and I had a grand old time there – even if the rain was present. You can say I’ve been a drizzly bear!

The grey day did not stop me from enjoying a nice time at the beach and making friends with some seagulls! I even went to the Pavilion Gardens and saw the famous Pavilion Palace – even from a distance.

Other rainy day activities that I love taking part in include making a nice cup of tea and cosying up in a warm blanket to watch the rainfall. Jaffa Cakes are the perfect friend to a nice cup of tea – Jaffa Cake is the bear-st! I have also mentioned baking to be one of my favourite activities to do indoors in my previous blog – have a read of it here

For the next few months, I can’t bear the excitement for the spooky Halloween season! Another rainy day activity that I enjoy is visiting a pumpkin patch – which is something that I did last year, I think the colour orange suits me!

This month also marks my bear – thday! September 19th marks one year since I have started my blog – I am so happy that you have reacted to my monthly blogs so pawsitively!

September 19th also marks Five Rivers 31st birthday! It is great to see them have been around for so long, doing amazing work in turning children’s lives around!

That’s all from me, friends! Look out for my October update for more of my teddy bear adventures!



Benny x


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