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I’ve helped interview support workers.

I’ve been trained as a Young Recruiter for Five Rivers Fostering, I know about all aspects of interviewing and selection including things like data privacy and non-discrimination.
My friend ‘T’ and I took part in an interview panel for the position of Fostering Support Worker on the Isle of Wight and Salisbury area. We got to ask our own questions to the three candidates. We asked things like why they wanted to be a support worker, what qualities they had and could bring to the job. We gave them a scenario of if they had £10 to spend on an activity with a child what would they do? After the interviews we all got together to discuss and score each person. Jess, the person we chose got the job!
Five Rivers fostered child in the South East

What’s changed
Children are involved in the process of recruiting support workers, making them feel more valued and their views respected. Staff feel a better connection with the young people they work with.

This was a ‘Make a Difference’ production by Five Rivers’ Participation Service 

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