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Avon House

  • Age Range: 10-14 on admission
  • Capacity: 6
  • Gender: Female
  • Length: Medium to long
  • Location: Wiltshire

Avon House is a residential home for young people aged 10-14 who have difficulties, requiring medium to long-term therapeutic Attachment and Trauma-Informed Care (ATIC©) within a group living community. It is a safe, warm, and therapeutic home where we are understanding and empathetic about the impact of childhood trauma on the developing brain.

We support our children through focusing on stress reduction and help them learn to regulate their stress response and respond more safely to their environment and triggers. We work with children and young people to support them to overcome:

  • The impact of their trauma.
  • Previous experiences of placement breakdown.
  • Their inability to form secure attachments.

“Parents, social workers and independent reviewing officers speak well of the care and support that the children receive. They say there is good and effective communication between them and the staff. This demonstrates good partnership working.” – Ofsted, 2020

At Avon House, we strive to provide our children with a positive part of their childhood, where they have both achieved and made lifelong memories. We pride ourselves on attention to detail, and place importance on the small homely and meaningful touches that make a house a home, all of which contribute to making the childhood of looked after children more than simply ‘good enough’.

Avon House Fostering Home

Avon House provides well-planned and managed placements, and genuine care for children who can benefit from our environment – enabling them to thrive in a group-living home and work towards positive outcomes. Avon aims to achieve positive change and outcomes for children and young people whilst also prioritising their current experiences of the world and ensuring that, alongside working towards change, our children have a good current quality of life and positive childhood.

Avon House provides stable and secure placements following the Attachment and Trauma-Informed Care model (ATIC©). Working with both The Spires School and local, mainstream schools, Avon House stands by the children to ensure they have a reliable and stable base, and are supported by competent, supportive, and emotionally predictable adults.

The home focuses on three key areas of work with their children. From the start of placement, they support all children to attain a positive transition to:

Return home – Adults work closely and sensitively in supporting children/young people to return to family where this is possible; and provide outreach support services where required.

Foster care – Where there is the potential to support a child to step down to foster care, the home works in partnership with the local authority (and as required, the Five Rivers fostering service) to identify specific Foster Carers who can meet the Child’s needs, and then support them in a successful, planned transition.

Preparation for independence – Avon supports with pathway planning. Staff ensure they engage with the system through multi-agency working relationships and through this the attainment of a young person’s goals is paramount. This is integrated throughout our work and support of young people in respect of vocational training, social and life skills work.

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