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Could you be a foster carer and give young people in Gosport a stable life? Join your local fostering agency, and you'll receive free training and all the tools you need to help children in care.
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Become a foster carer in Gosport

Foster carers are trained professionals who work alongside a dedicated fostering team. You’ll have local support, plus generous pay and benefits. Together, we’ll make a positive difference in the lives of vulnerable young people.

Why foster with Five Rivers?

We are a team; our social enterprise has a pioneering approach, meaning you work alongside therapists and frontline professionals.

A local team in Gosport means you will have access to:

  • In-person catch-ups with people you know well.
  • Local support groups, training and activities.
  • Friendships with local fostering families.


Meet Foster Carers Maxine and Wayne

For Maxine and Wayne, fostering isn’t a career, it’s a way of life.

The couple have provided a caring home for 14 children in their five years as Foster Carers and helped several groups of brothers and sisters transition into adoption with their forever families, as well as offering a short-term home for others.

Read their fostering story here.

See what our foster parents say about fostering with us...

“I wish more people understood what a special experience fostering children is. It is such an important job, helping guide the children that are all too often forgotten about, into being the happy, healthy adults they were always destined to be.”
“The majority of the children that come to me have just left their family homes. I’m lucky to be able to show them that foster care is a safe place and that we are here to help them. I get to change so many more lives and really prepare them for their life ahead during a short amount of time.”
“There is nothing more rewarding than receiving a thank you card on Mother’s Day from a young person we fostered. The transformation in these children from when they arrive to when they leave is wonderful to see.”
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