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Fostering is one of the most rewarding, life-changing things you can do. As a Five Rivers foster carer, you’ll be trained and supported to help give young people the childhoods they deserve. Find out more about fostering in Walthamstow today.
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We are here to support you. We take the time to get to know our carers, offering you bespoke, 24/7 wrap-around support, dedicated social workers, regular support groups, and a generous fostering allowance that values and recognises your skills.

Why foster with us?

Our therapeutic approach to foster care and commitment to invest in research, training and therapy means we do things differently. A local team in Walthamstow represents:

  • Face-to-face time with a local fostering team who know you.
  • A calendar of local events, celebrations and support groups.
  • Opportunities to meet fellow local foster carers.

Meet foster carers Maxine and Wayne

For Maxine and Wayne, fostering isn’t a career, it’s a way of life.

The couple have provided a caring home for 14 children in their five years as foster carers and helped several groups of brothers and sisters transition into adoption with their forever families, as well as offering a short-term home for others.

Read their fostering story here.

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See what our foster parents say about fostering with us...

“Caitlin* recently took up ice skating and I watch from the side of the rink every time to cheer her on. Sometimes when I watch her skate, I get emotional and think ‘How did I get so lucky to have her in my life’. ”
“The majority of the children that come to me have just left their family homes. I’m lucky to be able to show them that foster care is a safe place and that we are here to help them. I get to change so many more lives and really prepare them for their life ahead during a short amount of time.”
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Cathy Griffiths
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“When I walked past a stall that was encouraging people to start fostering during work one day, I was completely inspired, and I knew it was something I wanted to do.”
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